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5 MNCs and Indian Transnational Companies

MNCs and Indian Transnational Companies Concept of Multinational Corporation The term ‘multinational’ consists of two different words, ‘multi’ and ‘national’. The prefix’multi’ here means many while the word ‘national’refers to nations or countries. Therefore, a multinational company may be defined as a company that owns and controls production, marketing and service facilities in several countries. …

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3 Liberalisation and Globalisation

Liberalisation and Globalisation In order to overcome the foreign exchange crisis and to speed up economic development, the Government of India announced a new industrial policy in July 1991. The Industrial Policy, 1991 seeks to liberate the industry from the shackles of licensing, to encourage foreign private participation in the industrial development and to drastically …

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Manufacturing And Service Sectors

Manufacturing And Service Sectors Different Sectors of the Indian Economy The Indian economy can be divided into three broad sectors which are as follows: (Manufacturing And Service Sectors) Relative Significance of Three Sectors (Manufacturing and Service Sectors Of Business) In an underdeveloped country, the primary sector (agriculture and allied occupations) makes the largest contribution to …

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Latest Business Activities Spectrum

spectrum of business activities

Spectrum of Business Activities Business is all around us and it is the mainspring of modern life. But very few people understand its true nature and its role in society. The study of business is essential for training oneself for a carrier. The study of the principles and practices of business organizations helps in understanding …

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