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Delegation and Decentralisation of Authority

Delegation and Decentralisation of Authority

Delegation and Decentralisation of Authority   In order to understand the concepts of delegation and decentralisation, it is necessary to know the concepts of authority, power, responsibility and accountability. Concept of Authority Authority may be defined as the right to give orders and to enforce them. “Applied to the managerial job authority to further enterprise …

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Types of Organisation

Types of Organisation Structures

Types of Organisation Structures The term ‘ organization format or organization structure refers to the formal pattern or network of vertical and horizontal authority relationships among different positions in an enterprise and among the personnel occupying these positions. It is the skeleton framework through which management coordinates the efforts of employees to attain the desired …

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Departmentation Departmentation is an element of the organizing process. It is a means of dividing the large and complex organization into smaller and flexible administrative units. It involves horizontal differentiation of activities in an enterprise. A department is a distinct area, unit or sub-system of an organization over which a manager has authority for performance …

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Organising – Basic Considerations

Organising – Basic Considerations Organisations are an essential part of human life. We are born and brought up in organisations, educated in organisations, and spend our lives working in organisations. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the nature and functioning of organisations. Concept of Organisation The term ‘organisation’ is used in management in two different …

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Decision Making

Planning/ Decision-making & Strategy Formulation

Planning/ Decision-making & Strategy Formulation Meaning and Characteristics of Management “Management is the process by which managers create, direct, maintain and operate purposive organisations through systematic, coordinated, cooperative human effort.”                                                                                                      -Dalton E. McFarland “Management is defined as the process by which a cooperative group directs action towards common goals. This process involves techniques by …

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Forms of Business Organisation

Forms of Business Organisation

Forms of Business Organisation Ownership is a legal concept that bestows certain rights and liabilities upon the owners. The rights and liabilities vary according to the form of ownership. Forms of business ownership are legal forms in which a business enterprise may be organized and operated. A private business firm may be owned by one …

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Social Responsibilities and Ethics

6 Best Social Responsibilities and Ethics

Social Responsibilities and Ethics Society has become increasingly aware of the interdependence between business and its environment. Business organizations are no longer viewed as totally private bodies free to pursue their own goals. Instead, they are increasingly expected to contribute to the betterment of society. Managers are no longer considered to have responsibility only to …

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MNCs and Indian Transnational Companies

MNCs and Indian Transnational Companies

MNCs and Indian Transnational Companies Concept of Multinational Corporation The term ‘multinational’ consists of two different words, ‘multi’ and ‘national’. The prefix multi here means many while the word ‘national’ refers to nations or countries. Therefore, a multinational company may be defined as a company that owns and controls production, marketing, and service facilities in …

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